The right choice for your advertisement

With LabRulez's unique concept, companies, groups, individuals and universities can build their brand.
Show and share your offers, experiences and potential to a wide range of targeted visitors both locally and globally.

Customers with real interest

Relevant and up-to-date content with a unique application database and other unique content brings a large number of targeted users to the web. Your information reaches a significantly larger group of potential and relevant customers..

Leave local marketing to us

Customers complain about general and uninteresting content? Do you need quality local marketing? Do you want information on the effectiveness and real impact of your advertisement?
LabRulez is a great solution for all these requirements and will effectively meet the needs of your local and targeted marketing.

Brand building

  • Show your customers and build awareness of your brand
  • Link your news, activities, products or application database to your profile
  • Your customers will learn more about you and you will be able to get a dream employee

Database of contacts

Use the power of an independent database of targeted contacts through <bold>LabRulez</bold> for your local marketing.

Evaluate your advertising data

We will provide you with quality and interesting data about interest in your products and services. At the same time we will evaluate this data for you and give you a clear report.

Our offer?

  • Publish interesting news, applications or information about your products and get them among more potential customers
  • Inform your surroundings about your events or interesting webinars
  • Build awareness of your brand and find the right employee for you
  • Keep quality data and information on trends and interest in your products and services
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