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Current news from the world of science

  • Information from the field of analytical chemistry, research and technology supported by scientific expertise
  • Focus on humanity's current environmental, food, or health issues through the eyes of experts
  • Everything is modern, clear and simple


A complex source of scientific and technical information from the world of separation techniques, mass spectrometry or atomic spectroscopy in the form of webinars.

Upcoming events

Overview of future and also historical trainings, conferences, seminars and other events taking place in the Czech Republic. Expand your horizons and don't miss out on interesting events.

All important documents in one place

  • Extensive and growing database
  • Unique access to applications, scientific and technical articles, posters, manuals and presentations
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Our future development


We are preparing a virtual academy for you, where you will find both complex theoretical information, as well as user tips and tricks, expert manuals and instructions on how to solve your problems and challenges.

Job portal

If you are looking for a job or the right employee, the job portal section will be of special interest for you.
Build you brand! Take advantage of our technology capabilities to link your news, activities, products or application database to your LabRulez profile in the Company’s section.

Products and services

We are working on a section with a complete overview of instrumental techniques, services and options to meet the growing demands of your laboratories.

E-shop and bazaar

We will also open the largest virtual e-shop with local partners, as well as a marketplace for used machines, where you will find everything you need for your work in the future.

What are our plans for the future?

  • Expand with our platform to other fields
  • Being a local and global platform in the world of science
  • Creating a scientific community
  • Involvement of artificial intelligence, which allows us to speed up and simplify the solutions of everyday problems

Opportunities for cooperation

  • We are looking for new partners and collaborators who will transfer their experience and ideas to LabRulez and together take LabRulez further
  • LabRulez is also ready to provide its experience, concept and structure as a platform to other disciplines and countries around the world